Snurkle Engineering

Networking Services

Snurkle Engineering can provide a variety of network services:
  • Cable Management Solutions
  • CAT6 & Fiber Cabling
  • Network Services
  • Router & Firewall Configuration

Networking Solutions

Snurkle Engineering can provide networking solutions for your company. We can provide everything from wiring services to router configuration. We can set up your network to communicate internally as well as externally.

Network Services

We can provide services to enhance and extend your existing network:
  • Cable Installation
  • Cable Management
  • Networking Architecture (Switches, Routers, VLANs)
  • Network Security (Firewalls, VPN, Authentication)
  • Network Services (Web, Email, DNS, Failover)
  • Internet Enabled Services (Databases, Intranets, Extranets)
Snurkle Engineering